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For those who love movies and especially Disney movies, will love the behind the scenes theme park at Disney World Hollywood Studios in Orlando. Sit back and enjoy the live shows, thrilling rides and all that Disney has to offer in this exciting theme park.

Families will feel like they are a part of the movie making process as they discover their favorite movies in the form of shows and rides. Travel from the 1930′s to today in a never ending scenery that mimics the back lots of the Hollywood Studios. This is an exciting adventure for any family and children   of all ages will make memories of a lifetime.

There are several different rides and shows to fit thrill seekers of all levels. Enjoy the lively shows and stunt shows that are available daily. Be sure to check the schedules of the shows when arriving at the park to make sure your family gets into the shows you want to see.

For those looking for the high-speed thrills zoom on over to the Rock N Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith or the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. These are two extremely popular rides that have guests coming back for more each time. The Tower of Terror has a “mind of it’s own” and determines what adventure the guests will take. This makes the ride different each time a guest is on it and adds to the excitement and thrill.

Toy Story Mania is a 4D attraction that is sure to thrill all the fans of this popular movie. Immerse yourself in the Toy Story movie as you go on your own adventure with the lovable characters such as Buzz Lightyear and Woody. Make sure to get a great spot for the Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun parade that takes place everyday.

End the night with the 25 minute long show called Fantasmic. This show is a wonderful way to end your day at Hollywood Studios by enjoying this magical show combining fireworks and a water show. The main star is of course Mickey Mouse while other favorite characters come by a well. Many families love to end their night with the magic and wonder that makes up so much of Disney World Orlando.

Families are sure to enjoy every minute of behind the scenes movie magic when they visit Disney World’s Hollywood Studios Theme Park. This park offers FASTPASS on some of the more popular rides. Be sure to check out theme park show times and transportation schedules when arriving the park.

Best Water Parks In Orlando

When you are looking for a way to cool down in the sun in Orlando the water parks are very popular. There are several in the town and some are connected to the hotels. There are many that people love to visit and they go there regularly when they visit. Water parks are a great way to spend your day when it’s hot or when you need a break from the regular theme park visits. These are great ways to spend an afternoon or the entire day. These are a few of the most popular ones that tourists and locals alike love.

Wet N Wild – This is one of the most popular water parks in the area. It has been around several years and has been a long time favorite. It is now owned by Universal Studios. They just added Blast Away Beach and it is a giant fun zone for all the children. There are slides and rides to fit any thrill level.

Typhoon Lagoon – This Disney water park is a fun way to spend your day inside the resort area. This is an awesome water park like only Disney could create. Spend your day relaxing on the lazy river or you can catch some waves in the wave pool. Test your skills going on the wild rides or just spend some time soaking up the sun. Whatever you choose this is an excellent place to spend your day in the sun.  Your entire family will love this water park and all it has to offer all the members of your party.

Aquatica Water Park – Owned and designed by Sea World, this water park offers a unique experience like only Sea World could. Get ready to take the plunge and swim with black and white dolphins on the Dolphin Plunge. This is one of the largest draws to this water park. It is a new park that offers a wonderful experience with the tropical fish and the fun slides and water experiences. You will thoroughly enjoy this water park close to Sea World and all the body slides, wave pool and lazy river activity you can.

Blizzard Beach – This is another Disney water park that is a blast to spend the day at. You can enjoy the day with your favorite Disney characters around as you splash away in the wave pool or the lazy river. Enjoy this unique setting at this one of a kind Disney park.

Best Rides at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure

When including Universal Studios on your Orlando vacation there are a lot of great adventures to be had. If you can you must include the wonderful adventures at Universal Islands of Adventure. This theme park is beside Universal Studios and is a great way to have a fun time with all the members of your family. From the smallest to the oldest thrill seeker, you will all find something you enjoy at the park. Here is a list of some of the top rides you can experience at Islands of Adventure.

The Incredible Hulk Roller Coaster – This is for those thrill seekers in your group. enter Dr. Bruce Banner’s lab and go on a flying ride with the Hulk. Your world will go into a blur as you transform into the hulk yourself!

Dragon Challenge – Remember the Triwizard Challenge in Harry Potter? Put yourself right into the middle of it with this fast gliding coaster as you board one of the two dragons to see which is the best. Who will be the champion in this challenge?

Jurassic Park River Adventure – Taking a river raft ride seems relaxing until you run into T-Rex! You start off on a tranquil ride but somehow end up in the restricted area of the park. Beware because danger lurks around every corner!

Pteranodon Flyers – These are a great ride for children 36″ and taller. You can enjoy this gentle flight with your children in the Jurassic Park area. This is a perfect ride for those who love a bird’s eye view. Children and parents alike will love this exciting ride that’s not too much of a thrill ride.

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish – All those who love this story will love stepping into it themselves when boarding this ride. This is a fun ride that takes you up and down and all around but listen to the songs. If you don’t do what the words say you might be in for a wet surprise!

There’s a lot more to this wonderful theme park at Universal Islands of Adventure. Catch your favorite show, see stunts and put yourself in your favorite movie scenes or story book classics. Get ready to make a wonderful memory with your family every time you remember the exciting times you had in this park. Don’t forget to check out all the wonderful areas you’ll find that are perfect for everyone in your family!

Disney’s Beauty And The Beast


The Disney’s movie “Beauty And The Beast” is all about “What You Are Within”. Its a Disney 
Classic released in the year 1991 ,
The story opens showing a prince, who isn’t very courteous in his ways . He seems to be quiet rude to friends and family. One day an enchantress comes in the disguise of a beggar and asks him to let her stay for the night and offers the prince a rose for his favor.The prince turns her way ,which instead results a terrible curse for the prince and his beautiful castle.He is transformed to an ugly beast and his helpers to furniture and household items , before leaving the enchantress gives him a mirror in which the prince can see faraway events and a rose which will bloom until his 21st birthday. So the enchantress gives him a condition in which the prince should know what is love and has to be loved in return , if he fails then the curse will remain forever making him a Beast for his entire life.
For some of you who don’t wanna miss the scenes & Characters of the movie ::–
Years after…..
A beautiful lady named “belle” who stays in a French village and is the daughter of an inventor “maurice” , unlike other village girls , she loves reading books and likes to know about places other than her village.She always wants to explore the world and thinks beyond her village .She also attracts the attention of a cunning village boy, Gaston, who admires her only for beauty.
Until one day Maurice , her father gets lost in the woods and is attacked by wolves.Maurice to save himself instead enters the cursed castle where, servants who have turned into all sorts of household furniture greet him with warmth.But the castle’s prince , a horrible beast orders Maurice to be locked away for trespassing.
Meanwhile back in town Gaston proposes to Belle, which is politely refused by Belle.Belle explains her interests beyond village life to Gaston .After which she receives her gifted  scarf of Maurice from his faithful horse .Belle realizing that her father is in danger heads into the woods to find him.She too ends up at the castle , to find his father locked  in a dungeon. She makes a deal with the beast to lock her instead and free her father.They agree and Maurice is sent back , and Belle is given a guest room and ordered by the beast to join him in dinner.
source: Disney Blog

Disney – The Period Just After Walt’s Reign

In 1967 , Two movies got released which were personally followed by Walt himself ,

 The Jungle Book 

 The Happiest Millionaire .

Also some famous Disney comedies were released in that period which included



Computer Who Wore Tennis Shoes(1969)

– One of hollywood’s greatest star “Kurt Russell”was born through Disney’s movie “The Computer Who Wore Tennis Shoes”. 

After Walt , the first animated feature released was   “Aristocats”, followed by the musical “Bedknobs and Broomsticks”, which was inspired by the book – “The Magic Bed Knob “.



Walt Disney Production continued its release of family movies throughout 1970’s like “Escape to witch mountain”,“Freaky Friday”,which were not successful in the boxoffice.

However Disney’s animation became more popular with some famous movies like ,“RobinHood”,”The Rescuers” and “The Fox and The Hound”


Top Disney Delights Of 2010

Alice In Wonderland
The Great Johnny Depp and Anne Hathaway starred  depiction of C.S Lewis complex story of “Alice In Wonderland”.

Waking Sleeping Beauty
A Documentary made on the famous history of “Walt Disney Animation”.All the budding animators its a must watch to know the legendary Disney epic of the world.

Prince Of Persia – The Sands Of Time
The sexy Jake Gyllenhaal playing the prince himself along with Ben Kingsley making the movie and action packed stunner .


Its the Toys after all with a 3D as well as an emotional impact on people .After the success of its first and second part here comes the 3rd sequel.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
Nicolas Cage as the Sorcerer with this magical romantic ride is worth a drive.

Tinker Bell And The Great Fairy Rescue

We all love to dwell in a fairy world with a cutest fairy of all named “Tinker Bell” , of the famous story Peter Pan.


The heart touching story of the bonding between a master and his horse.The faith in oneself which can make any miracle possible , such is the story which binds you in The Secretariat.


The story of a charming princess and her admirer who is a thug.The visual portrayal 
of the famous fairy tale of a princess hidden behind a tall tower of darkness named “Rapunzel”.

The Tron Legacy
A Science fictional treat with its 2D and 3D impact.A stylish innovative movie which attracts audience through its sci-fi features alone.

Now After Disney Treats for the year 2010 , will talk about a non-Disney animated movie which was the talk of the town .Kids loved it ,teens wanted to own one for themselves and adults just can’t stop dreaming about “How is it to Fly !!!!”.If you missed it just leave whatever you are doing grab some popcorns and go watch the
Dream works Delicacy of this year….”How To Train Your Dragon”