Best Rides at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure

When including Universal Studios on your Orlando vacation there are a lot of great adventures to be had. If you can you must include the wonderful adventures at Universal Islands of Adventure. This theme park is beside Universal Studios and is a great way to have a fun time with all the members of your family. From the smallest to the oldest thrill seeker, you will all find something you enjoy at the park. Here is a list of some of the top rides you can experience at Islands of Adventure.

The Incredible Hulk Roller Coaster – This is for those thrill seekers in your group. enter Dr. Bruce Banner’s lab and go on a flying ride with the Hulk. Your world will go into a blur as you transform into the hulk yourself!

Dragon Challenge – Remember the Triwizard Challenge in Harry Potter? Put yourself right into the middle of it with this fast gliding coaster as you board one of the two dragons to see which is the best. Who will be the champion in this challenge?

Jurassic Park River Adventure – Taking a river raft ride seems relaxing until you run into T-Rex! You start off on a tranquil ride but somehow end up in the restricted area of the park. Beware because danger lurks around every corner!

Pteranodon Flyers – These are a great ride for children 36″ and taller. You can enjoy this gentle flight with your children in the Jurassic Park area. This is a perfect ride for those who love a bird’s eye view. Children and parents alike will love this exciting ride that’s not too much of a thrill ride.

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish – All those who love this story will love stepping into it themselves when boarding this ride. This is a fun ride that takes you up and down and all around but listen to the songs. If you don’t do what the words say you might be in for a wet surprise!

There’s a lot more to this wonderful theme park at Universal Islands of Adventure. Catch your favorite show, see stunts and put yourself in your favorite movie scenes or story book classics. Get ready to make a wonderful memory with your family every time you remember the exciting times you had in this park. Don’t forget to check out all the wonderful areas you’ll find that are perfect for everyone in your family!