Disney’s Beauty And The Beast


The Disney’s movie “Beauty And The Beast” is all about “What You Are Within”. Its a Disney 
Classic released in the year 1991 , http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0101414/.
The story opens showing a prince, who isn’t very courteous in his ways . He seems to be quiet rude to friends and family. One day an enchantress comes in the disguise of a beggar and asks him to let her stay for the night and offers the prince a rose for his favor.The prince turns her way ,which instead results a terrible curse for the prince and his beautiful castle.He is transformed to an ugly beast and his helpers to furniture and household items , before leaving the enchantress gives him a mirror in which the prince can see faraway events and a rose which will bloom until his 21st birthday. So the enchantress gives him a condition in which the prince should know what is love and has to be loved in return , if he fails then the curse will remain forever making him a Beast for his entire life.
For some of you who don’t wanna miss the scenes & Characters of the movie ::–http://disney.go.com/disneyvideos/animatedfilms/beauty/
Years after…..
A beautiful lady named “belle” who stays in a French village and is the daughter of an inventor “maurice” , unlike other village girls , she loves reading books and likes to know about places other than her village.She always wants to explore the world and thinks beyond her village .She also attracts the attention of a cunning village boy, Gaston, who admires her only for beauty.
Until one day Maurice , her father gets lost in the woods and is attacked by wolves.Maurice to save himself instead enters the cursed castle where, servants who have turned into all sorts of household furniture greet him with warmth.But the castle’s prince , a horrible beast orders Maurice to be locked away for trespassing.
Meanwhile back in town Gaston proposes to Belle, which is politely refused by Belle.Belle explains her interests beyond village life to Gaston .After which she receives her gifted  scarf of Maurice from his faithful horse .Belle realizing that her father is in danger heads into the woods to find him.She too ends up at the castle , to find his father locked  in a dungeon. She makes a deal with the beast to lock her instead and free her father.They agree and Maurice is sent back , and Belle is given a guest room and ordered by the beast to join him in dinner.
source: Disney Blog